Sunday, February 14, 2010

Matt's Valentine Party

We had a nice evening at Uncle Matt's house. Of course there was Rockband and a fun game called Apples to Apples. Really enjoyed getting out. We took some dorky "prom pose" pics just for fun and he demonstrated how to use his new snuggie Kasey bought for him. Fun Times!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

I am so thankful to everyone who follows our blog. Sorry I haven't kept it as up to date as I would like. Hopefully 2010 will be more normal and I can keep pictures current. Thanks for being interested in out little family! I love this little girl so much my heart just overflows!

Out of Sequence

This wonderful picture was taken at Christmastime in Memphis. This is my cousin Emily and her daughter Amelia (left) and my cousin Sara and her daughter Ella (right). I really love this picture and had to post it! All 6 Nokes girls!!!!!

My Sweet Valentine 2010

Madeline had her school Valentine's Day Party this past week. It is a big deal in schools now. I would have to say the Valentines Day party is bigger than Christmas! She new I was coming to the party but we surprised her with GiGi coming too! It was a fun party!!!!!

Chris and I

My sweet brother and his girlfriend babysit for Chris and I from time to time so we can have very much needed date nights. They watched Madeline for us Friday night so we could go celebrate Valentines Day. We had a great dinner and it was nice for the both of us. Thanks Matt and Kasey!!! And we don't feel guilty because Madeline loves it when Matt and Kasey come over! Its a win win!!!!

So Many Snowdays!!!!

Jonesboro has been a bit of a "winter blizzard"! We have gotten 3 rounds of snow and lots of snow days. They have been fun but mama is ready for routine again. Here are some pics of the second snow, which was the biggest and best. BTW- That is a weenie dog snowdog, which was a really hard dog to make!

Ballet Promotion

Madeline started back to ballet in January. She decided she likes ballet more than tap....and wants to be in the Nutcracker someday. We were told at the end of last ballet season she would need to repeat stepping stones ballet before progressing on to beginning ballet. But on our first day back this semester, she was PROMOTED to beginning ballet! She was very excited to say the least. Now she is in the "BIG GIRLS" class. I hope she really enjoys it and it is something she sticks with. She was also very happy to find out she will now be in the same class as her friend Lexi. They are a pair!!!!! Now I cant wait for the recital in May!